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FMap - online/offline Maps

by FMap

App Info:

The FMap application lets you:

  • see your position on online (Google,HERE/Ovi,OSM,UMP,4UMaps,...) and offline maps(Mobac/Trekbuddy)
  • send rescue SMS
  • store you current position and routes on server
  • find your friends or locations
  • show information about your trip, GPS
  • simple timer function
  • show many location parameters (speed, distance, slope, altitude, course,VMG,distance/course to target )
  • support internal
  • screen zoom - long press on +/-
  • navigate to custom position using three coordinate formats or QR-Code

The app is useful for:

  • to show your location during a vacation...
  • to present your trips on a blog.
  • to see the route again
  • to monitor where are the person(elderly people, children)
  • to find out phone
  • navigate in mountain/outdoors
  • check driving speed your teenage child
  • Created by: FMap
  • Google Play: link
  • iTunes: link
  • Website link