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by Fabrizio Grassi

App Info:

iJobClock supersede your personal organizer and automatically compute your working time.

It doesn't matter how many companies you are working for, iJobClock instantly makes them all available thanks to its interface. To clock in and out, this is the system on which it works and it allow to record night shifts without divide them at midnight.

iJobClock is versatile, it allow you to record the time you spend doing anything: job, hobby, kitchen, video games... iJobClock features:

  • Record present, past and future clockings directly from the main view.
  • Clocking report and hours calculation.
  • Feed a Facebook status update without leaving the app.
  • Send reports by mail.
  • Users who pay the full version can send reports in ".csv" format, suitable for all spreadsheet softwares ( Excel, Calc, Numbers...).

Don't waste your time, keep it under control with iJobClock!

  • Created by: Fabrizio Grassi
  • Google Play: link
  • iTunes: link
  • Website link