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Maximus Draughts

by Jan-Jaap van Horssen

App Info:

Maximus Draughts is a strong and versatile program for the game of international draughts (or 10x10 checkers).


  • Available in 4 languages (Dutch, English, French, German)
  • Strong engine with 4 playing modes: 1) rules of the game plus 7 training levels; 2) seconds per move; 3) time schedule; 4) Fischer system
  • Multicore processor support and adjustable memory usage
  • Pondering option (thinking in the opponent’s time)
  • Player vs. Maximus, Player vs. Player, and Maximus vs. Maximus modes
  • Intuitive interface with drag & drop or tapping to enter your moves
  • Move input support, move hint and help function
  • Undo and redo moves; browse your game using the Notation screen
  • Replay and analyze your game afterwards
  • Save, load, e-mail and import games and positions in Portable Draughts Notation format (PDN)
  • Randomly selected opening book moves provide a wide variety in games
  • Display of draughts clock, square numbers (optional), and engine information and principal variation (optional)
  • Other options: turn board, setup position, automatic replay
  • Main differences with the PC version (not available): smaller opening book, no endgame database
  • No Ads
  • Created by: Jan-Jaap van Horssen
  • Google Play: link
  • iTunes: link
  • Website link