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Ultimate GRE prep

by N10K

App Info:

Ultimate GRE prep lets you prepare for GRE on the Go!! Sentence Completion, Flash Cards and much more!

  1. Take Verbal tests, quant tests while on the go!
  2. Check your answers at the end of the test and figure out what went wrong & where.
  3. Calculate percentile with respect to other app users... LIKE THE REAL GRE!!!
  4. Improve your vocabulary with 1500 high frequency GRE words
  5. Functionality to time your tests for a more rigorous prep.
  6. AWA section has also been included.
  7. All question types have been covered (Sentence equivalence, Text Completion, Select all that apply, Select one...etc )
  8. Flash Cards: Now test your vocab on the go!
  • Created by: N10K
  • Google Play: link