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BuildWrite code in Java(tm) using Eclipse, NetBeans or IntelliJ/IDEA

TestVerify your app with our simulator, devices & test automation tools

DeployGenerate native binaries for all device types using the Codename One build cloud

One of a kind set of features

Codename One makes cross platform development simple, seamless and maintainable

High DPI Support

Layout managers, multi-images, 9-piece borders and dozens of features designed to dynamically adapt your UI to all resolutions/densities.

Builtin Common Controls

Side menus, swipe containers, pull to refresh, infinite scroll and many other patterns are builtin

Full access to native

When you need to integrate with native features you can invoke Objective-C/Dalvik code thru native interfaces while maintaining portability!

Works with All IDE's!

NetBean, Eclipse & IntelliJ are fully supported

High Performance

Codename One is native to Android and generates native C code for iOS. It's as if you coded the app in C by hand.

GUI Builder/Fast Simulator

Apps can be hand coded or built with drag and drop, the Codename One device simulator is remarkably fast for short development cycles

Desktop & JavaScript targets

You can build a desktop Mac/Windows app as well as a JavaScript app that can run in the browser

Open Source

Codename One is completely open source

Vibrant Developer Community

The developer community shares code, tips and information including many open source libraries

Download for free and get started right away!

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What our customers are saying about us

Customer Testimonails

I stumbled upon Codename One nearly a year ago and it's been an exciting adventure so far! I can highly recommend this product to anyone looking for an affordable cross-platform development toolchain that works! A few things that stand out to me are access to native functionality via native interface, easy extension with third-party libraries, active developer support and attractive pricing. Thank you Codename One team for a great job so far!

Chidiebere Okwudire Senior Software Engineer at Sioux, Netherlands
Customer Testimonails

As a mobile developer for over 12 years, I am often asked if I am able to produce both the Android and iOS versions of an app. In order to do this I used to develop the Android version myself and hire an iOS programmer to build the iPhone one for me. But since finding Codename One I can utilise my existing Java knowledge and deliver native apps for both platforms from a single codebase in half the time, at half the cost, with no need to hire anyone. This makes Codename One a very attractive platform not only for increased productivity but also for maximizing profits and stunning clients with delivery times.

Gareth Murfin Freelance Android Developer, Taiwan
Customer Testimonails

With over 2 million installations I can safely state that Codename One is a mature, solid and reliable platform, that allows you to concentrate developing your app and not platform specific implementations.It works beautifully, with heavy duty apps and helped dramatically reduce development costs. Codename One was a key enabling factor to pursue a multi-platform business strategy

Ram Nathaniel CEO and Founder of MathUnderground, Israel
Customer Testimonails

Codename One greatly reduces our development time and costs, while giving us the ability to deliver a custom experience in each platform when needed. Going from design to a working app is a breeze, so we can focus in a strong core for all platforms.

Fabrício Cabeça Senior Developer at Pmovil, Brazil
Customer Testimonails

Fast and efficient way to eliminate the hassle of targeting multiple platforms, without resorting to html5. :)

Rex Green Vision24, South Africa
Customer Testimonails

Codename One has proven to be a productive tool for us - a true write once run anywhere solution!

Fabrizio Grassi Chemetall, Italy
Customer Testimonails

My client requested some non conventional requirements and Codename One gave us good answers for all the challenges that we faced during the app development. Simply a great framework!

Hélio Rugani Sócio Proprietário, Brazil
Customer Testimonails

Codename One has given us the ability to develop apps for all mobile platforms in a short period of time and at a very low cost. Codename One is the most innovative tool of this current generation and I would advise to all developers to try it out today!

Lucky Oscar Masango Founder and CTO at BOi Global Group, South Africa
Customer Testimonails

I believe Codename one is the best cross platform tool for application development, it's simple and fast.One of the best things I've found in codename one is its native access that really allowed us to add functionalities without limiting developers to platform capabilities.

Ali Sayed Senior Developer, Egypt
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Latest Posts From Our Blog

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Comparing PhoneGap/Cordova and Codename One

Last time around we compared Codename One to Xamarin and this time around I'd like to compare Codename One to what is probably the market leader: PhoneGap/Cordova. If Xamain is big then Cordova is huge, it is so prevalent that it is often the default assumption when people mention cross platform today.

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Synchronous InfiniteContainer

InfiniteContainer and InfiniteScrollAdapter revolutionized the way we think about Codename One. Up until their introduction we advocated lists for large sets of components and this is no longer the case.

However, InfiniteContainer has a controversial feature even within out team. It violates the EDT on purpose...

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Unleading & Mutating Accordion

We covered the new Accordion component last week and just started using it in a demo for which it was very suitable. As we were working with it we discovered that it was missing some core methods to remove an Accordion entry or change it's title. But worse, was the fact that a delete button in the title wouldn't work!
The crux of the issue is in the fact that lead component doesn't support excluding a specific component within the hierarchy from it's behavior so we set about to fix that...

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Questions of the Week XI

We just released an updated set of plugins with many bug fixes and enhancement mostly revolving around the new settings UI but also a lot of the functionality required for proper Windows UWP support...

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