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CSS in CN1Libs

Now you can create CN1Libs with embedded CSS Styles
CSS in CN1Libs

CSS in CN1Libs

We’ve just added support for including CSS inside of Codename One library projects so that CSS styles can now be distributed inside a cn1lib. This opens up a world of possibilities for creating module UI libraries and themes.

How it works

To begin, you just need to add a “css” directory inside your Codename One Library project, with a “theme.css” file in it.

Add your CSS styles into the theme.css file, and build the library project.

If you add this module to a Codename One application project, these styles will automatically be included.

If you try to install a cn1lib that includes CSS into a Codename One application project that doesn’t have CSS activated, it will fail. You must activate CSS in the application project first.

Bonus Tip: Auto-Installing Library into Apps when Building Library

This tip is for those of you who are building your own cn1libs. When I’m developing a CN1lib, I always have a separate application project that uses the lib. This is because you can’t test a cn1lib directly inside a library project. The cn1lib first has to be installed into application project before it can be used and tested.

This can create a lot of manual steps each time you make changes to your cn1lib and want to test them out. You need to build the library project, then copy the cn1lib from the library’s dist directory, into the application project’s lib directory. Then you need to select “Refresh Cn1libs” from the Codename One menu in the IDE.

As far as I’m concerned, anything more than a single button press is too much for being able to test my changes. Luckily its really easy to eliminate the extra steps by adding a small snippet into your library project’s build.xml file.

At the end of the “jar” target, add the following:

<copy file="dist/${application.title}.cn1lib" todir="path/to/AppProject/lib"/>
<ant dir="path/to/AppProject" target="refresh-libs-impl" usenativebasedir="true"/>

Now, whenever you build the library project, it will automatically copy it into your application project, and refresh its CN1libs, so that you can test your changes instantly.

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Posted by Steve Hannah

Steve writes software for Codename One. He is an open source enthusiast who loves to tinker with new technologies.