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Questions of the Week 49

New plugin update and too many updates
Questions of the Week 49

Questions of the Week 49

Next week we’ll resume the bootcamp so I might publish one last blog post after this and that’s it for another two weeks. It’s been ages since our last plugin update so we’ll take this opportunity to release a new plugin release for all the IDE’s together with the other fixes and enhancements coming in this update.

As a sidenote we have a long weekend on the western hemisphere this Friday so our support in the various channels will be a bit limited as a result.

I can write a long post on the new features and enhancements we’ve had over the past couple of weeks that I didn’t cover yet in the previous blog posts this week but I’ll skip this for now. I will also discuss only a few of the stack overflow posts because I didn’t follow as closely as I should. Steve did an amazing job filling in for me over the past 3 weeks and will keep that until May 1st.

GRV_Droid asked how to login with Linkedin and showing great initiative answered his own question with a solution that works…​ Well done!

Andrew Snejovski had issues with logging into the certificate wizard. This is a pretty common problem due to two factor authentication which Steve explained while highlighting the workaround and long term solution.

There were many others but it’s hard to go thru the full list and dig thru each one…​

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