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TIP: Stop Editing

Knowing how to stop and the way to stop is crucial
TIP: Stop Editing

TIP: Stop Editing

Device only bugs are the worse. You need to go through a device build and reproduce/rinse/repeat. Thankfully these bugs are rare but sometimes they just hit you smack in the face. One such problem occurred when I was debugging a transition on Android related to a login form. I would move between a Form where I had the keyboard open to one where it was closed. This created a nasty effect where the keyboard folded leaving a black space and the transition played out about that black space.

On the simulator this won’t happen, we can’t realistically simulate the virtual keyboard.

It won’t happen on iOS either. Only on Android.

The Android port resizes the display during input and that behavior triggers this end result where the display doesn’t have time to recover before the transition starts.

Initially I thought I can workaround this by invoking:

callSerially(() -> showOtherForm());

But that only helped on some cases, not all. Even the fact that I used callSerially didn’t help as this depends on a native event going through.

The solution is to use the new stopEditing(Runnable) API. On most OS’s the runnable will be invoked immediately but on Android it will wait for the screen resize before it invokes the code. So this will work as you would expect:

textField.stopEditing(() -> showOtherForm());
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Posted by Shai Almog

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